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To start using Hydrillo for the first time, setup a drink goal. Select a standard drink goal (e.g. 2L) within just one touch or let Hydrillo calculate the personal water requirement based on body data.

Personal water requirement is calculated by lifestyle (inactive/normal/active/very active), weight, age, gender (pregnant, breastfeeding) and weather (auto weather forecast at the given location available in pro version)


Choose between Interval Reminder (get reminded to drink every e.g. 2 hours) and Smart Reminder (get reminded to refill your vessel e.g. every 250ml)

Set reminding times for each day of the week. (e.g. 9AM-9PM on Monday until Friday, 10AM-10PM on weekend)

Each drink reminder (notification) comes with the actual hydration status information (e.g. 250ml left until 2PM) and four direct drink input actions (the 4 most used vessels)


Choose from pre-configured drinks or create your very own drink. Choose from 21 vessel types like cup, bottle, sports bottle, wine glass and many more and make it yours. Define a volume, name it, color it and set the percentage of how well it is hydrating (hydration factor only available for pro users).


Look at historical and actual drink data. Every day in the diary has three vertical pages:

  • Overview of the hydration status: A circular graph that makes it easy to see how much you have drank in relation to your drink goal. 
  • Drink log: Swipe down at that day to see all your drink inputs. You have the option to edit or delete your drinks here.
  • Drink goal: Swipe up at that day to see/edit your drink goal for this day.


  • Weekly, monthly and yearly statistics (chart of drink input compared to drink goal and aggregate sum of drink input, only available for pro users)
  • Summary of how well you are hydrated in the last 7 days
  • A list of most used vessels
  • Export your drinks in a CSV file (only available for pro users)


Connect with your friends to see each other’s hydration level.


We have put a lot of effort into making it more fun to stay hydrated. Therefore we designed achievements that you can unlock after reaching your drink goal.


  • 1×1 Widget:
    Configure this widget to show a vessel of your choice. You can use it to make an drink input directly without opening the app (available only for pro users).
  • 2×2 Widget:
    Hydration graph with info of how much you have drank today.
  • 3×3 Widget:
    Widget with three pages: Hydration graph, drink input list and drink log list (available only for pro users).
  • 4×4 Widget:
    Hydration graph and three most used vessels (direct input only available for pro users)


Synchronize your drink inputs with
  • Fitbit
  • Google Fit.


  • Account sync
    Register with your Google account or E-Mail address to synchronize your drink inputs in real-time between your devices (table, phone, work-phone)
  • Unit-System
    Choose between imperial (fl. oz.) and metric (ml, L) unit system
  • Status notification
    shows a sticky notification with important hydration data and most used vessels for direct drink input)


Hydrillo is free to download but gives additional features within in-app-purchases.

Upgrade to ADS:
  • No ads
Upgrade to PRO:
  • No ads (also available as an individual purchase)
  • Unlimited diary (look back more all your past days)
  • Advanced Statistics (monthly and yearly statistics)
  • Auto Weather (automatic weather forecast based on your location)
  • Hydration factor (set your own researched factor for dehydrated drinks)
  • Fast intake (direct intake in notifications and widgets)
  • Extended widget functionality
  • Data export (CSV)
Upgrade to VIP:
  • All PRO features + no ads
  • Buy a round for the developer


The use and publication of these images are free of charge.